Enrico La Malfa

Licensed to exercise the profession of Trademark consultant.
He graduated from the Università di Bologna Law School and focused his studies on industrial law by attaining a Masters in Industrial Property. This program was organized by Prof. Attorney Stefano Sandri, President of the Appeal Commission UAMI (Office for EU Trademarks). He began his own professional activity inside the Trademark Office of Gianni Versace S.p.a., by working for the company even in China, trying to obtain sequesters and customs blocks for counterfeit goods.
He works as a quality consultant for the registration of Trademarks and Designs in Italy and abroad in various sectors of the Italian commodities industry. He participates regularly in important international conferences dedicated to the protection of Trademarks, including the INTA Annual Meeting.
He is of counsel to Studio Legale Dalla Verità e Associati.